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I must apologize for not posting sooner.  Andy and the guys have been working hard to get this house built in a timely fashion, even with all the rain and the wind the last couple weeks.  I am constantly amazed at his work ethic and that of the guys on his crew.

The Lake Mills home is really taking shape.  The Structurally Insulated Panels are all installed for the outer shell of the home and they got all the trusses on at the beginning of the week.  I think it was last Friday that it was really windy in the afternoon and the homeowner stopped by after work to see the house and she said “You guys are crazy!”  They were up on the roof.  But, like Andy says, “Nothing gets done if you wait for the weather to be perfect.”   Which is so true.

But today is absolutely perfect and I believe the guys are roofing some more, laying down shingles.   They are also punching out the deck on the rear side of the house and installed a huge pile of plywood over the past few days.

Another fun announcement is the addition of a new member to the crew.  Bob!  He’s the son of a previous Andy Houg Construction customer/friend.  So far, he’s really impressed Andy… and that’s not easy to do!  Not many people can measure up to Andy’s expectations of intelligence and work ethic.  It makes me happy to write out those paychecks!

Speaking of which… better get back to the books!

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You can see the garage has been excavated and started


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