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We are almost totally finished with our work on the Nelson home near Glenville. We’ve also shingled a house, remodeled a bathroom, put steel on a huge shed and also a garage… among other things that I’m surely forgetting.
It’s been a great first half of the year. The customers have been awesome. I appreciate their business.
This summer we will be starting on a new, slab on grade, one story home for a great family near Northwood, Iowa. We have also been booked to build a series of homes in Charles City for a development named Parkside.
The Parkside Development is a change of pace from our normal direct building for homeowners, but it’s all been positive so far in the planning process. Morning conference calls are a nice alternative to evening and weekend meetings.
Basically we just do our best to keep up with demand and add new employees to the workforce as needed. So far we’ve been able to find some great skilled workers.
Hope our luck keeps up.
Here are some highlights from the Nelson Home.
SIP Home










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This summer is a busy one for the crew at AHC.  They left last Tuesday, early in the morning after Memorial Day weekend,  to head up North to tackle a project for some customers we have from down by Emmons, MN.

Whenever you build, it’s so much less stressful when you have a personal reference or past positive experience with the contractor you hire.  There is a lot of trust involved when you’re spending so much money on a project.  And no two projects are the same, there is no real cookie cutter or pattern to follow.  Sure, there are plans, blueprints, but anyone who has built knows that there are always changes and/or imperfections in even the best laid plans.

It was an honor to be asked by the Rentz’s to accept their project to build a cabin up by Brainerd, MN.  They had been thinking about it for years and had done some of the prep-work ahead of time, putting in a septic system and a shed with electricity.  They already knew they loved the location because they’d had a camper parked up there in the past and so this was just the next BIG step.

The concrete was poured recently and so when the guys arrived, they were all set to mark out the layout and start installing the Structurally Insulated Panels.  Andy took a few pictures each morning so you can really see the significant amount of progress they made each day.  The guys worked most days from 7am to 7pm, trying to make the most of their time.

Day One: SIPs are delivered from Extreme Panels.  They set all the bottom plates, erected all but one wall of the exterior shell, and got the window/door openings cut and prepped.

Day Two: Trusses Are Delivered!  Installed top plates, completed interior framing and set most of the trusses.  Very pleased so far with service from the Deerwood Lumber Yard.  Can’t beat a locally-owned family business!

Day Three: Erected the last exterior wall, framed in the covered deck, and started sheathing the roof, applying roofing felt, and installing shingles.

Day Four: Finished Roofing.

Day Five: Installed all Windows and Exterior Doors

Day Six: Frame in Front Deck and Apply House Wrap.

Can you believe how much they got done in under a week?  By the sixth day, the guys were all ready to come home.  They managed to enjoy themselves a little bit in the evenings, trying out a little fishing and golf… but really they had worked such long days and were so exhausted all they really wanted to do was sit in the air conditioning.

This week the electrician is heading up to do some work.   Before long the crew will be heading back up north to finish siding, soffit/fascia and sheetrock.

Check back often!

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