Getting Closer…

The Lunning house is getting close to completion.  These last two weeks have been a buzz of activity as the cement was poured in the garage, the tile was laid in the bathrooms, light fixtures were hung and all sorts of other finishing touches are installed.

The Andy Houg Construction crew has been busy installing trim and interior doors, stair railing and closet systems.  I was able to stop out a couple times to get some photos taken on my ipod.


P.S. I had to “walk the plank” to get to the house last time… this weather sure is a pain, but at least it’s starting to feel like spring.

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Well, I don’t know about you guys, but our home was hit hard by a virus that’s been making the rounds I hear.  Our son, Collin, stayed home on Monday because he had been having a slight fever and cough over the weekend and he needed that extra day to recooperate, then Andy started in on the symptoms on Wednesday and stayed home Thurs and Friday for the most part… he did leave on Friday for a while and Saturday too, to do some work.  But, I’m happy to say I got him to stay home all day Thursday and vegetate… for the most part.

I tried to take his cell phone away from him for an hour so he could take a nap and he acted like I was asking to cut off his hand.  Seriously.  That phone rings all the time.  At least a couple times an hour.   Most of the calls are legitimate work related calls, but I told him there weren’t any that were going to be life-or-death emergencies that couldn’t wait for an hour.  Needless to say, I wasn’t successful in taking his phone… thank goodness for his crew of guys who were able to accomplish some work on Friday because it drives him insane to not be getting things done.

Guess that’s a good characteristic to look for in your contractor.



P.S. Last week they’ve been waiting for the painters to finish in the Lunning’s house and they’ve been working on putting some more steel on that shed.  I have a few pictures to share that I took of the painters working with my Ipod and I have a  neat photo Andy shot of the icicles on the framework of the shed.

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This past Monday, Andy took pictures at a house he built over a year ago down in the Ventura/Clear Lake area.

It’s a beautiful, rustic, cabin-type of home.  Basically, it’s like Andy’s dream home because it’s got stained wood galore and lots of wild game trophies hanging from the walls.

I love it because of the beautiful windows and the huge open living area and loft over the kitchen… and the amazing stone fireplace.

They are just finishing out the basement now.  Waiting to finish a basement is a popular option for many new home owners that want to spread out the overall cost of building.

Actually, I shouldn’t even be calling it a basement because that brings to mind dark, dirty, concrete walls.  This my friends, is more appropriately called a “lower level”… yeah.  🙂

So back to business.  Andy and the guys were doing some more great stonework in the family room downstairs.  They are surrounding the TV’s alcove with beautiful El Dorado stone and they also installed all this great wainscoting with a picture rail above it to display photos or other artwork.

I am really excited to see the finished product in person because this house is really magnificent and the homeowners do a great job of decorating the space and making it feel homey without feeling like a showroom or too cluttered.

Enjoy the slidehow… sorry about the dust in some of the pictures – like I said, Andy took these.

I guess then you know they’re really working when they’re stirring up that much dust!


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Steel in the Mud

Andy and the guys have been working in Lake Mills this past week, putting up a 24×75 addition to the side of a big steel sided shed.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful, as we all know, with temps in the 30s and 40s… but that always leads to another problem with the melting snow.  MUD.

Yeah, I don’t envy these guys at all.  I hate getting mud all over my boots and pants so I guess that’s why I don’t swing a hammer.  Luckily, it doesn’t seem to slow them down at all.

I can’t believe how fast this is going up.  They were just putting up the posts on Monday and now they are almost ready to start with the steel siding and that won’t take them long at all.  I can’t wait to share the finished product with you next week, if the wind cooperates.

Today it was a bit too windy in the morning to accomplish much with the siding, so the guys are working down by Clear Lake finishing out a basement in a house they built a couple years ago.  Hope to share pictures of that soon as well!



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Hi there!  Welcome to the new, Andy Houg Contruction blogsite!!!

It’s a great thing to have a blog that also serves as a website for our current and potential customers.  It will provide lots of helpful content as well as feature up-to-date news and pictures from current projects.

To get things going I will probably post a little bit about past projects too, but today I want to showcase one of the projects Andy is currently working on.

This is a beautiful new home for the Lunning Family in Albert Lea, MN.  It’s a nice, roomy rambler with lots of windows on the back side to enjoy the view of the lake.

Ground was broke on Oct 11, 2010 and so everything has gone very quickly on this project, even during some of the coldest and windiest days this winter.  Andy’s crew is definitely tough for all the work they do in adverse weather.  It’s only been four months and they are getting close to being done, it’s up to the plumbers and electricians right now to get their work done.  Before you know it they will be putting siding on!

Can’t wait to share the finished product with everyone.  Thanks to the owner for sharing all her wonderful pictures.  She’s done a great job documenting the project.

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